✅102 Year Old Duli Chand During Procession Prove Hes Alive In Haryana

An old man had to prove that he was alive. For that, he comes in a chariot like a bridegroom and says that he is alive. This incident took place in Haryana.

What actually happened is that a 102-year-old man in Haryana is listed as dead in the government records. He was an old man named Dulichand from Gandhra village in Rohtak district. The old man carrying placards and wearing a garland of currency around his neck is marching on a chariot from Mansarovar to Canal Rest House…saying that he is alive. He said he had last taken the aged Finchan in March. It is said that his pension has stopped as he is dead in the government records.

He complained that his grandson did not see any benefit in complaining to the government officials about the matter. The old man was showing other identification documents including Aadhaar card, PAN card, bank statements as if he was alive. He met former Haryana Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) president Naveen Jaihind and voiced his support.

He assured the old man that he will get pension again. Speaking on this occasion, he said, “It is unfortunate that the old people are stopping Finchan and causing trouble. He said that he complained to the CM about this but no action was taken. Moreover, Naveen Jaihind asked the old man to take the old man along with BJP leader Manisha Grover and give him the finchan due to him. To this extent, the video of the incident is making waves.

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