✅15 Year Old Telugu Boy Did Cycle Trip From Chennai To Leh

Witness, New Delhi: 15-year-old Ashish, a 15-year-old Telugu boy who completed the 10th standard, made an adventure on a bicycle from Chennai to Leh, the capital of Ladakh, so that parents should not impose their dreams on their children and respect their wishes. Ashish’s family from Rajampet area of ​​Kadapa district settled in Chennai a few years ago for business purposes. Ashish, who is interested in cycling, left Chennai on a bicycle in July and reached Leh in 41 days.

Ashish and his family members who reached Delhi on the return journey after completing the cycle tour spoke to the media at AP Bhavan. Ashish said that he traveled a distance of 120 to 150 kilometers daily in the plains on a cycle trip. He said that after starting the mountain journey from Chandigarh, he continued the journey despite severe difficulties due to bad weather and rain.

Ashish stated that his dream is to join the National Defense Academy. He said that his parents have never put any pressure on him and he wants other children’s parents to do the same. Ashish said that he will cycle from Chennai to London.
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