✅4 People Escape Unhurt After Car With Baby Onboard Overturns in Kerala

We have heard about many types of car accidents. Most of the incidents are those where lives are lost in those accidents or those who die while being treated for serious injuries. Such a car crashed into a wall and spun violently and overturned. Looking at that incident, it seems that all the people in the car must have died. But miraculously four survived with minor injuries. This incident took place in Kerala. If we go into the details..a car met with a serious accident at Karumala in Kozhikode.

The car carrying four people went out of control and hit the wall on the side of the road and overturned. As the car spun, a man fell out of the back seat and was holding on to the window frame. Meanwhile, some passing motorists helped the occupants of the car and tried to pull them out. But luckily everyone in the car was unharmed.

One of the passengers was injured in her hand and is being treated in a private hospital. Such incidents are extremely rare. Moreover, that car accident seems to be the miracle. The video related to that is making people laugh. You too have a look.

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