✅7 Children Along With Their Mothers Stop Father 5th Marriage At UP

Wedding is a beautiful memory.. a standing testimony of a new life. A promise to support each other in times of trouble and happiness. But some people who are habituated to a vagrant life are bringing stigma to the holy bond of marriage. Every now and then we see the good fortune of the bridegroom and the bride.

Recently one such incident came to light in Uttar Pradesh. A 50-year-old man named Shafi Ahmed from Sitapur is already married to four women. They have seven children. Whereas Islam implies polygamy. Under certain circumstances a man can have a maximum of four wives. But Shafi, who has married four times, is ready for the fifth marriage. Without knowing this to the other wives, he sent them to the Hajj with a well-planned plan.
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But after hearing the news that her husband is getting married again, the second wife reached the marriage hall along with his seven children and relatives. There the bride’s parents were told the true nature of the husband and prevented the wedding.. She crushed the husband in front of all the relatives. In this melee, the new bride ran away from the stage. The police came to know about the matter and arrested Nitya’s son-in-law based on the complaint filed by Shafi’s children.

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