✅A Man Accidentally Set Himself On Fire During Stunt In Gujarat

Ahmedabad: A man’s stunt went awry as part of Vinayaka Chavithi celebrations. He poured petrol in his mouth and tried to start a fire in the air.. He accidentally caught fire. The scenes of the incident which took place on Wednesday night in Gujarat’s Surat region have now gone viral on social media.

Ganesh Chaturthi festival is celebrated in Parvat Patiya area of ​​Surat. In this order, a person wanted to show his skills to the devotees after the puja on Wednesday night. After pouring petrol in his mouth, he tried to blow the petrol into the air so that it catches fire. However, this stunt went awry and suddenly that person caught fire. Some bystanders immediately helped to unbutton his shirt. This saved the person from danger. He was admitted to the hospital with minor injuries.

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