✅A Man Attempts A Risky Fire Stunt Beard Catches Fire Video Viral

Some perform various stunts in festivals and celebrations to impress. Also, a young man took his own life by doing a risky stunt with fire. He wanted to hold a piece of paper on the stage, put petrol in his mouth and blow on it. It got distorted and caught fire on the face. Now this video has gone viral on social media.

As soon as his face caught fire, the young man dropped the paper in his hand. Some bystanders immediately responded and tried to put out the flames stuck to the chin. They put out the fire by pressing it with their hands. This video went viral when a person named Ravi Patidar posted it on his Instagram. However, it is not known where this happened. Posted on October 6, it has so far been viewed by 12.3 million people. Some suggested to stay away from such life-threatening stunts. Another person wrote, “Don’t play with fire, you will burn yourself.”

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