✅A Man Unique Protest Against Bad Roads in Kerala

Roads with hundreds and thousands of vehicles are congested almost day and night. Big potholes are formed on such roads and become the home of accidents. There is no need to tell about the condition of the roads during the rainy season. If the roads are filled with flood water as long as it rains, then after the rains, you will see half-washed roads, potholes and potholes everywhere.

One has to travel on such roads with life in hand. But recently, a person in Kerala has protested innovatively that the roads are not being repaired. Due to the recent rains, potholes have formed on the roads in Malappuram area and water has stagnated. But when the authorities did not pay attention to this, a man entered the field himself.

Local MLA UA Latif bathed in the water of the pits right in front of the MLA. As soon as MLA Karu reached the spot, he started meditating in the pit. He did yoga in muddy water. He cleaned his shoes and washed his clothes. The video has gone viral on social media. The person in the video has been identified as Hamza Porali.

Meanwhile, many protests took place in Kerala last week against the condition of roads in the state. But these concerns failed to attract the attention of any politician. Meanwhile, a 52-year-old man fell on the road due to potholes on the national highway at Nedumbassery in Ernakulam district five days ago. He lost his life when a truck ran over him. In this order, the Kerala High Court has ordered the National Highway Authority of India to take steps to repair every road under its control within a week.

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