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Some Team India fans are criticizing Team India bowler Arshadeep Singh. During the match against Pakistan on Sunday.. Arshadeep is being scolded for leaving the crucial catch that will turn the match. Along with Virat Kohli, he is getting the support of many players and former players. But..

Some people are doing inappropriate things in the case of Arshadeep Singh. It is known that some people are going around on bikes saying that they will attack and kill him. Recently, false information is going viral that he is related to the banned organization Khalistani. As a part of this, his Wikipedia page was edited to say Khalistan instead of India, which caused a furore.

However, the center has become serious about this matter. The center has expressed concern that the false information on the Wikipedia page will harm the religious harmony and also pose a threat to Arshadeep’s family members. The Union Department of Electronics and Information Technology has issued a summons to the Indian executives of Wikipedia in this regard. It sought an explanation as to how the false information was published.

Meanwhile, in Arshadeep’s Wikipedia page, where India is written, Khalistan has been added. It seems that it was added from an unregistered account. However.. within 15 minutes the Wikipedia editors profile was modified.

After India’s loss to Pakistan in the Asia Cup Super-4, some are furious with Arshadeep Singh. In the third ball of the 18th over of the match, when Asif Ali asked for a sweep shot by Ravi Bishnoi, Arshadeep was criticized for dropping a good catch. However, Arshadeep Singh tried to score runs in the thrilling last over but failed. But now Arshadeep is getting tremendous support on social media.

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