✅Arvind Kejriwal Proves Majority, Wins Trust Vote In Delhi Assembly

New Delhi: In the confidence test held in Delhi Assembly on Thursday, CM Arvind Kejriwal The government won. 58 MLAs voted in support of Kejriwal in the confidence test. Delhi Assembly has 70 seats. There are 62 MLAs of AAP while BJP has eight MLAs.

After winning the trust test, Kejriwal said that the operation Kamalam by the opposition BJP to topple his government has failed. BJP has not succeeded in buying even one AAP MLA in Delhi. He clarified that the MLAs of his party are honest and not a single MLA has been sold. He said that while they have strength of 62 MLAs in the assembly, two are abroad and one member is in jail. Another member is the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

It is known that the CM of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal has been alleging that the BJP is trying to topple the Delhi government. After leaving AAP and joining BJP, each MLA received Rs. 20 crores is alleged to have been offered. In this order, the Delhi Assembly held a special meeting on Monday. CM Kejriwal moved a confidence motion against his own government.
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