✅Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma Warns Madrassas Over Anti Activities

Guwahati: The case of the demolition of madrasas in Assam is causing a lot of uproar both politically and religiously. However, the Chief Minister of that state, Himanta Biswa Sharma, says that it is ‘decreasing’. He gave a strong warning that there is no intention to leave any madrasa which is a breeding ground for anti-national activities without demolition.

It is not our wish or intention to demolish madrasas. Are jihadist forces using them? Or? Our task is to examine that. If it is found that they are being used for anti-national activities and that there are connections… we will demolish them. CM Himanta Biswa Sharma once again clarified that there is no question of bulldozers going back in this matter.

Meanwhile, the Assam government has put special focus on madrassas which are suspected to have links with terrorist organizations. Tearing them down with separate drives. Recently, Markzul Ma-Arif Kwariana Madrasa in Kabitari village of Bongaigaon district was demolished on Wednesday. It seems that this demolition happened because of the connection with Al Qaeda. But the officials declared that it was demolished because it was built against the rules.

This is the second madrasa demolition this week. Third demolition in a month. Before that, a madrasa was demolished on Monday in Barpet, where two Bangladeshi terrorists had been sheltered for four years. A madrasa named Unna Sheikhul Hind Mohammad Hasan Jamiul Huda in Dhakliapara area was razed to the ground with a bulldozer. Before that, when inspections were carried out in the madrasa, many documents and propaganda copies related to banned radical groups were found. In this background, it was demolished as there were no building permits. Also.. Imams associated with Al Qaeda. 37 people including madrasa teachers were detained.

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Before the demolition of this madrasa, the students were evacuated from it and sent to other educational institutions. The incidents of Al-Qaeda and Bangladesh-based terrorist organization Ansarul Bangla Team (ABT) hiding in madrassas are increasing now. CM Himanta Biswa Sharma recently made sensational comments that Assam has become a hotbed for jihadi activities. Assam police have arrested 40 Bangladeshi terrorists since March this year. On the other hand, Muslim clerics and administrators of madrasas are calling CM Himanta as ‘Bulldozer Raja’ and demanding to stop the activities.

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