✅Ballari Utsav Rs 20 Crore Dog Steals The Show

Bangalore: People flocked to see a dog at the Ballari Utsav held in Karnataka. Because this is not a dog. The most expensive rare breed of dog in the country. Its price is Rs.20 crores. The owner of this Caucasian Shepherd dog is Satish, a businessman from Bengaluru. Recently, some people offered eye-watering prices to buy it, but he refused it.

Satish named this dog Kedabam Haider. Its age is 14 months. 6 feet tall when standing. Weight is about 100 kg. He spends Rs.2,000 a day to maintain it. He took it in an AC car from Bangalore to participate in the Ballari Utsav.

Expensive species
Not only this, Satish also has two other rare breeds of dogs. There is also a Korean Dosa Mastiff worth Rs 1 crore and an Alaskan Malamute breed Sukanam worth Rs 8 crore. Satish stated that he also has two puppies of the Caucasian Shepherd breed, and buyers are coming to buy them for Rs.5 crore each.

Ballari Utsavam was held for two days on January 21 and 22. Organizers organized dog competitions here. 50 different breeds participated in the competition. Satish was specially invited and he came with his Caucasian Shepherd and participated in the festivities. Locals came in large numbers to see this rare dog.

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