✅Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Met NCP Chief Sharad Pawar 2024 Elections

Witness, New Delhi: Bihar CM Nitish Kumar participated in a series of meetings with the leaders of various parties in Delhi from Monday with the aim of uniting the opposition parties. As part of this, he met NCP chief Sharad Pawar on Wednesday. After talking to the media, he made interesting comments.

Nitish made it clear that he is only trying to unite all the opposition parties and has no intention of becoming the prime ministerial candidate. He said that the situation would be different in the 2024 elections if all the parties contested together. That is why he said that he is in consultation with the leaders of all the parties.

Main front..
Nitish commented that they are trying for the main front and not for the third front. He said that the discussions he held with the leaders of various political parties gave positive results. He said that the 2024 elections will be different from the one-sided elections so far. When asked by the media who will be the joint candidate of the opposition to compete with Prime Minister Modi.. Nitish responded. He criticized that the BJP has done nothing for the country except changing the names and advertisements.

According to sources close to Nitish, it seems that for now he is focused on uniting the opposition. He believes that the lack of unity between the opposition parties in the 2019 elections has brought the BJP together. So far, there is no consensus among the parties on who will be the prime ministerial candidate on behalf of the opposition. There are possibilities of examining the names of Mamata Banerjee and Arvind Kejriwal. Nitish Kumar’s name was also not considered.
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