✅BJP MP Janardan Mishra Strange Comments On Water Conservation, Video Viral

Bhopal: In these days when there are people who pluck the feathers on the egg.. It is very necessary to talk. Even so, some people are talking about their mouths and facing criticism. Recently a BJP MP made similar comments.

Madhya Pradesh BJP MP Janardhan Mishra has recently been embroiled in a controversy. His comments while speaking on the topic of water conservation shocked everyone present. The people who had listened to his comments till then were shocked by the twist he gave at the end.

Rewa MP Janardhan Mishra attended a program held in his constituency. In this order.. “Water or lands are drying up. So, they need to be protected. Either eat Gutka.. or drink alcohol.. or try alternatives to drugs. But, understand the value of water, he said.

This workshop was held on Sunday in Reva Krishnaraj Kapur’s auditorium.. The comments made by the BJP MP are going viral. Moreover.. if tomorrow any government announces to waive off water taxes.. say a word to them. Mishra advised that we will pay only water taxes, instead demand waiver of all other taxes including current bills.

This is not the first time that Mishra has been embroiled in such controversies. His feat of cleaning the toilet with his bare hands has recently gone viral.

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