✅Bull scares Away Tiger in viral video, Internet Stunned

Any animal in the forest should be afraid of a tiger or a lion. It is difficult to escape from their attack. They savagely chase, kill and eat anything, big or small. If you see a tiger by mistake, you have to run for your life. But recently an animal scared the tiger. The video of this has gone viral on the net.

A bull rushes on an empty road. Meanwhile, a tiger hiding on the side of the road saw the bull and came forward to attack it. Seeing the tiger, the bull was not scared at all. Moreover, the bull scared the tiger into stabbing him with his horns. Seeing the bull, the tiger got scared and ran away. Then the bull left and the tiger followed its path.
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It is not known where this happened but the video related to this was shared by Sushanta Nanda, an officer of India’s forest department, on Twitter. This video which is doing the rounds on social media is getting thousands of views. Netizens are surprised to see this. ‘Every day is not the same… situations change. Someone has to be careful…’ they are commenting.

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