✅Congress Chief Post: Rahul Gandhi Shoots Down Ashok Gehlot Double Role Condition

Thiruvananthapuram: An interesting discussion is going on across the country regarding the Congress presidential election. He is the top leader of the Congress in the recent contest for the party’s presidential post Rahul Gandhi Key comments were made. The rule of only one post per person has been emphasized once again. However, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gahlot, who wants to contest in the Congress presidential election, has suffered a setback with Rahul’s comments.

While 71-year-old Ashok Gahlot is likely to contest for the post of Congress president. He has already met Sonia Gandhi. But he is not ready to give up the post of Rajasthan CM. Gahlot believes that Sachin Pilot will replace him if he resigns from the post of CM. But it is known that a cold war has been going on between Gahlot and Pilot for a few days. This raises doubts whether Gahlot will play a double role. In this order, Rahul Gandhi gave clarity on this.
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Rahul Gandhi is currently visiting Kerala as part of Bharat Jodo Yatra. On this occasion, Rahul said that they are bound by the Udaipur agreement and made it clear that according to this agreement only one post per person is applicable. Meanwhile, in Rajasthan’s Udaipur, the Congress earlier this year adopted a ‘one person, one post’ rule.

Congress President is not a position.. He described it as an ideological system. Rahul Gandhi suggested that whoever stands in the race for the Congress president should remember that they represent a set of ideas, a reliable system and the vision of India.

And the number of people competing for the presidency is increasing. It seems that along with Ashok Gahlot, Thiruvananthapuram MP Sasitharur will also contest. Moreover, Digvijay Singh has come forward as if he is in the race. But the suspense continues over whether Rahul will file his nomination or not. If Rahul Gandhi does not contest, there is no chance of these three being the main contenders.

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Congress notification
The notification for the presidential election of the Congress party came out today (Thursday). Congress Central Election Authority Chairman Madhusudan Mistry said that nominations will be accepted from 24th to 30th of this month.. Scrutiny of nomination papers will be on October 1 and withdrawal of nominations will be on October 8. Voting will be held on October 17 and the results will be announced two days later on October 19. Suspense continues on whether Rahul will file his nomination by 29th of this month or not. At this time Rahul made a key announcement in a media conference. He clarified that he is not in the presidential race.

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