✅Congress Leader Priyanka Gandhi Dragged Down By Delhi Police, Video Viral

Witness, New Delhi: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi was dragged away by the women police. She staged a protest in front of the party headquarters in Delhi on Friday against rising prices and unemployment. In this order, five or six female policemen dragged her on the road. He was thrown into the vehicle and taken to the station. When the police went to arrest her, Priyanka did not move and they forcibly took her away.

Earlier, the police imposed restrictions at the AICC office and set up barricades to stop the protests. But Priyanka jumped over the barricades and reached the activists and participated in the protests. After that he was arrested.

On Friday, the Congress staged nationwide protests against the Center on issues such as price hike, unemployment and inflation. As part of this, she wanted to go in a rally from the Parliament to the President’s office in Delhi. However, the police arrested other top leaders including party supremo Rahul Gandhi at Vijay Chowk.
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