✅Congress Party High Command Focus On TPCC Cleansing

Witness, New Delhi: The Congress leadership has focused on the complete cleansing of the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC), which is reeling in chaos due to successive defeats in the by-elections, internal squabbles, position-fixing, and complaints against each other. It is working hard to this extent. The process of appointing new leaders in their place has been initiated to remove the leaders who have been seated in key positions but do not perform accordingly. Sources of AICC say that this purge will be based on the reports given by three AICC secretaries including state affairs in-charge Manikyam Tagore and strategist Sunil Kanugo.

There is no result even if the position is given..
The Congress high command, which made key changes in the PCC after the heavy defeat in Huzurnagar, Dubbaka, Nagarjunasagar by-elections and the defeat in the GHMC elections, handed over the responsibilities to Revanth Reddy as the PCC president in June last year. At the same time five others were appointed as working presidents and ten as senior vice presidents. Along with these, campaign committee, election management committee and implementation committee of AICC programs have been announced. After that, according to the opinion of senior leaders, political affairs committee and inclusion committees were also formed. In these committees, the leaders were assigned responsibilities on the basis of social equations, seniority and party loyalty. Even though these people were given responsibilities, the Congress party could not get even five thousand votes in the Huzurabad by-election. At the same time, many seniors who did not like Revanth’s appointment as PCC came to public criticism. It is reported that the administration is angry about this too. It seems that despite the intervention of Rahul Gandhi himself, some people are not stopping the criticism and the leaders in key positions are ignoring the party programs and are not taking initiatives to strengthen the party.

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Based on the initial reports provided by the envoys, it seems that the High Command is dissatisfied with the performance of the six office bearers. There is a rumor that some of them will be sidelined soon. It is heard that one or two who repeatedly criticize the party president may be expelled. Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy, who is in the political affairs committee, has resigned from the party, and there are chances of appointing a new person in his place. AICC sources say that Priyanka Gandhi will take decisions towards cleansing after a full review of the performance of leaders in key positions.

Reports on performance
There is a growing campaign that the Congress does not have the ability to directly fight the TRS government and it is possible only with the BJP. In the face of this, there are complaints to the administration that some leaders in key positions, except the state president, are not paying attention to the effort to show themselves as an alternative. In this context, AICC general secretary Priyanka Dootu, AICC secretaries Nadeem Javed, Rohit Chaudhary, Bosurajula and party strategist Sunil Kanugulu, who recently came to the state, gave reports to Priyanka on the performance of the respective leaders. When they met with Priyanka a fortnight ago, it was learned that there was a discussion on the issue of keeping aside about ten leaders who were staying away from party activities and appointing enthusiastic people in those positions.

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