✅Controversy Over Durga Pandal With Gandhi Like Face

Kolkata: During the Sharannavaratri festival, the statue of Goddess Durga erected by the All India Hindu Mahasabha in Kolkata has become the center of controversy. The reason for this is that Mahishasura, who is killing Goddess Durga with the trident, is in the shape of Gandhiji. The idol is wearing a dhoti with bald head and round spectacles. Many parties, including the ruling Trinamool Congress and Congress in West Bengal, have severely criticized the BJP and RSS for erecting such a statue to insult Gandhiji.

However, the All India Hindu Mahasabha West Bengal State Executive President Chandrachur Goswami defended the incident. ‘It’s just a coincidence that the demon’s face is like that. However, the figure has a protective shield in its hand. Didn’t Gandhiji wear it? But Netaji and Bhagat Singh are the real heroes. Gandhiji should be criticized’, he commented. This is the real ideology of BJP and Sangh Parivar. Everything else is drama. Will you insult the Mahatma like this?’ TMC state general secretary Kunal Ghosh expressed his anger. When the police came to know about the matter, they went to the mandapam and instructed the organizers to change the monster’s face into another form.
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