✅Couple Organizes Marriage Of Their Pet Dogs In Gurugram, Video Goes Viral

A pair of pet dogs will be married in Hindu tradition. This strange incident will happen in Gurugram, Haryana. Acham is getting ready to hold a wedding ceremony for four days in Hindu tradition. Moreover, a haldi ceremony was also held for those dogs. The name of the female dog is Sweety and the name of the male dog is Shareu.

On November 14, those dogs will be married in a grand manner. The owner of the dog says that around 100 people have been invited to this wedding. This wedding ceremony surprised the locals of Jil Singh Colony in Palam Vihar Extension in Haryana. But a large number of guests will attend this wedding ceremony.

To this extent, Shweta, the dog’s owner, said that since she does not have children, she is taking care of Sweety as her child. One day when her husband was going to the temple to feed the dogs, a stray dog ​​named Sweety came to her husband and since then they have been raising that dog as their child.

Many people said that they would arrest your couple if the police came to know about this, but they decided to be afraid of that. To this extent, the owner of the male dog share said that although the marriage of dogs does not seem to be a comedy, the wedding work is being done very seriously.

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