✅Covid Like Flu Sweeping Across India Center Issues Advisory

After Corona.. For 4 years that kind of symptoms are now seen in many people. But not corona.. only symptoms like corona!. Cases with influenza symptoms are being recorded in the country at an alarming rate. The Center has collected statistics that these cases have been recorded almost everywhere in the country for the last two months. Along with cough and cold, many people are suffering from fever, sore throat and headache for a long time. In this context, the medical departments under the Center have released key guidelines.

In the last few weeks, more cases of fever, cold and cough have been recorded in the country. Many people are using antibiotics due to the fear of Corona. But the Indian Council of Medical Research warns that it is not good for the body at all. It is clear that it is not Corona.. Influenza A subtype H3N2 virus.. is the reason for the increase in cases in the country at present.

H3N2 virus is more effective than other subtypes. The hospital is involved. But, not fatal at all. ICMR clarified that this is also the reason for the high number of cases registered in the country in the last two to three months.

Due to this virus there are symptoms like cough, cold, fever. In some cases these appear chronically. Along with these symptoms such as sore throat, diarrhea, vomiting etc. are seen.

These symptoms are severe (hence the name Corona). Patients take some time to recover.

Air pollution is also a reason for its rapid spread.

This is not fatal. But, the hospital is involved. In some people, it bothers with respiratory related problems.

Along with ICMR, Indian Medical Association (IMR) is also making several key recommendations.

On the other hand, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) is warning people not to use antibiotics at will in the face of increasing cases of cough, cold and nausea across the country.

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The association urged doctors to treat symptoms based on symptoms rather than antibiotics and prescribe only drugs.

Azithromycin and Ivermectin were used by people at will during Corona. This also had a profound effect. Is the infection bacterial before antibiotics are prescribed? isn’t it It is also necessary to ensure that the IMA said in a statement.

If the symptoms appear..

    Hands should be washed clean. It is better to wear face mask and not go in crowd. Try not to touch nose and mouth with hands. Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze

It is better not to do these

    Not shaking hands with others, spitting in public, not eating together in a group is self-medication. But, medicines should be used only after consulting the concerned doctors. Especially in the case of antibiotics.

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