✅Delhi Blogger Eats 3 Kg Samosa In 5 Minutes Wins Rs 11000 Viral

New Delhi: One often hears about food competitions. Cash prizes are also given if the food items are completed within the specified time. Similar challenges are being organized and prizes are being given in many parts of Delhi. Such an incident has recently become viral. A person named Rajneesh Gnani runs a Facebook page and a YouTube channel named ‘You Hungry’. Going to food competitions, he made it his job to complete the given challenge and win cash. Last month he went viral after eating 21 plates of ‘chole kulte’ in 30 minutes. He won the bullet bike by completing the challenge. However, he suggested returning the bike and continuing the challenge. The video has been viewed by 12 million people on Facebook.

Now again this blogger’s video has gone viral. He took part in the street food challenge and pulled 3 kg samosas in just 5 minutes. The video of the incident, which took place in a hotel in Delhi, was shared on YouTube and received more than 1 million views. In the video, the challenge was explained by the blogger as well as the restaurant owner. After that a video of Baahubali eating samosa was played. However, before taking up such challenges, he fasts for 1-2 days. With some chutney and water, the blogger completed this challenge with the encouragement of friends. For that, he received a cash prize of Rs. 11 thousand from the restaurant owner.

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