✅Drug Peddlers Invovled in Sonali Phogat Case Hail Rrom Goa: CP CV Ananad

Witness, Hyderabad: BJP leader, Tik Tok star and TV actress is the negligence of Anjuna Police in Goa Sonali Phogat Indirectly caused the murder. Two of the accused in that case are also accused in the drug case registered last month in Osmania University police station. Anjuna police did not respond to official information about this. It is noteworthy that when the Hyderabad police gave information about the drug mafia on August 17, Phogat was killed in the early hours of the 22nd. Another person, including the owner of the pub where the atrocity took place, is wanted by the police here. Both of them were arrested by Goa police on 28th of last month. Kotwal CV Anand said on Thursday that he will be brought to Hyderabad on a PT warrant.

Pritish came to light with investigation..
Gharana drug peddler Preetish Narayan Borkar, who has been peddling drugs in Goa’s Anjuna Beach and Telugu states for years, was arrested by the Hyderabad Narcotics Enforcement Wing (H-NEW) on 17th of last month. During his investigation, it came to light that drugs were being circulated across the country from six people including Steven and Edwin Nunis who are from Anjuna area. As a result, the Osmania University police arrested Pritish and named all six accused in the case. The Hyderabad authorities sent the copy of this FIR and other details to the Anjuna police and asked them to arrest them.

Accused only..
It is a well-known fact that Goa is the key to the drug racket going on across the country. There are allegations that this business is going on with the cooperation of the police there. When a person who was found in the city was questioned earlier, it was found that the drug was supplied from Goa. So the H-New team went there and attacked the hotel where the supplier was staying. As a result, he was caught and about 100 grams of MDMA was recovered.

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The H-New team informed the local police and made preparations to bring the accused. The Anjuna police who came there insisted that they could not take the accused and that they would arrest him. And then PT was sent to be taken on warrant. If the scene is cut, the accused still has not informed H-New what happened to the found goods.
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Threat of filing kidnapping cases..
H-New officers sometimes seek the help of the Goa police when they are on their way to arrest wanted persons. Every time that happens, the accused go into hiding. With this, H-New started operations without informing them. In such a case, the Goa police threatened the H-New officials that they would file kidnapping cases if the accused were arrested and taken away. In the wake of these developments, H-New Goa has requested the information of Steven and Edwin Nunes to be arrested. It is said that Edwin runs Grand Leonie Resort and Steven Hill Top Pub in Anjuna area and sells drugs with the same employees. However, the Goa police did not care.

The role of those two in Sonali’s murder..
Edwin and Steven became accused in Sonali Phogat’s murder case. The murder took place in a pub in the Grand Liani resort. She was killed by an overdose of drugs. Edwin and Steven were found to have supplied the drugs and they were also accused. The Anjuna police, who arrested Edwin, are hunting for Steven. Had the Hyderabad police responded when the information was given, the situation would have been different.

Edwin, who was arrested in the Phogat murder case, is an accused in the Preetish case registered in OU. We will bring him to the city on a PT warrant. Every time he went to Goa to arrest the accused in the drug case, he got no cooperation from the police there. In many cases negative results are coming. CV Anand said why the Goa police do not have the information that H-New has about the Goa drug network.

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