✅E Waste Alarming Danger Bells India 3rd Place Life Threatening Diseases

Witness, Amaravati: Electronic (e)-waste management is becoming a challenge in the country. Every year the purchase of TVs, ACs, mobile phones, computers, laptops and tabs is increasing by 35 percent. On the other hand, 33 percent in the form of old goods become waste. 17,86,396.65 tonnes of e-waste was generated in 2021-22. Of this, only 3,93,007.26 tonnes (22 percent) were collected and disposed of scientifically or recycled.

This is the situation every year. Due to this, the waste is accumulating in heaps in the country. Land, water and air are polluted due to the dumping of these wastes. Due to this, the earth is warming up and the surface temperature is increasing. This leads to disruption of monsoons. On the other hand, toxic metals such as nickel, lead, chromium, aluminum, along with plastic used in the manufacture of electronic devices are meeting in the ground.

As a result, groundwater is polluted and people are suffering from skin, respiratory and heart related diseases along with deadly cancers. The death of animals is also worrying.

Millions of tons of e-waste.
Most of the states are neglecting collecting, scientifically eliminating or recycling e-waste, with Andhra Pradesh leading the way. Only 22 percent e-waste is collected and recycled annually. Due to this, crores of tonnes of e-waste has accumulated in many states across the country. CPCB has issued guidelines to all state Pollution Control Boards to take action as per the Act framed in 2016 regarding the disposal of e-waste.

32.30 lakh tonnes of waste annually by 2029.
As the consumption of electronic devices is increasing in the country, their waste is also increasing. India is the third largest producer of e-waste in the world after America and China. The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has estimated that by 2028-29, the country is likely to generate 32.30 lakh tonnes of e-waste annually.

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It is noteworthy that 17.86 lakh tonnes of e-waste will be generated in 2021-22. Maharashtra is at the top among the states that generate the most e-waste. Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh stand in the next positions. Although the Center brought a law in 2016 for the scientific elimination and recycling of e-waste, most of the states are neglecting its implementation.

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