✅ED Seizes Rs 7 Crore Cash During Raid At Kolkata Businessmen’s Home

New Delhi: ED conducted searches at the premises of a trader from Kolkata. In those searches, the ED spent about Rs. 12 crore cash and property documents were seized. A team of ED officials along with bank officials conducted raids on the residence of businessman Amir Khan in the wake of allegations of fraud through mobile gaming app.

The search is still ongoing. In the wake of the ED raids at the merchant’s residence, the central forces were deployed strongly. The accused Aamir Khan and some others were booked on the complaint of the Federal Bank officials for cheating the users with the mobile gaming app called Ee Nuggets.

Talking about the ED gaming scam to this extent….the first time users are given good commission wallets in the beginning of the gaming app to gain trust. After that, by making more purchases from them, all the money in their wallets will be drained and suddenly YUP will stop working. After that it starts showing up to reinstall. Meanwhile all our data in it will be wiped. The ED explained that even then the consumer will not realize that he has been cheated.

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