✅Elderly Man Found Sitting Next To Son’s Body For 4 Days In Mohali

Chandigarh: An 82-year-old man is adopting a boy as he has no children. Because of their innocence and lack of connection with others, no one really cares. There are only two people in the house. Does not talk to anyone much. However, when the adopted son died four days ago due to illness, the old man did not know what to do and stayed with the corpse. After four days, the matter came to light when a bad smell came from the house. Neighbors noticed and informed the police. As a result, the old man who fell unconscious near the dead body was rescued on Monday and taken to the hospital.

‘After receiving the information, we went there and broke the door of the house and went inside. The old man was found unconscious at the dead body. He is not saying anything. I don’t see the condition to speak. He doesn’t seem to know much. He is suffering from serious illness.’ Police officer Paul Chand said. He said that the son’s body was sent for postmortem.

Locals said that the deceased Sukhwinder Singh was the adopted son of Balwant Singh. ‘I don’t know if anyone has greeted them recently. The old man has been staying at home for more than a month. Does not talk to anyone much. I got suspicious because of the bad smell. We don’t know what happened. We called the police and told them.’ The locals revealed.

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