✅Extra Marital Affair: Woman Suicide With Lover Friend Physical Harassment

Witness, Chennai: The incident of the suspicious death of a woman who ran away with her boyfriend, leaving behind her husband and two children, turned a turning point. The police arrested the two and sent them to remand after confirming that they had committed suicide after getting upset over being sexually harassed by their boyfriend’s friend. Details.. On the 29th of this month, a woman’s dead body was found in a decomposed state in a house in Peddakuppam Kambar Street of Tiruvallur district.

Tiruvallur Town Inspector Padmasree Babbi has taken up the investigation into the death. During the preliminary investigation by the police, the deceased woman was identified as Amuda, wife of Babu of Erumai Vettipalayam village near Cholavaram. Babu works as a school van driver. They have two children Jayshree and Kishore.

Run away with boyfriend
Conflicts started in Babu’s family, which was going smoothly for some time. Amuda had an extramarital affair with Jyotheeswaran from the same area. Later she ran away with her husband leaving the children behind. After living together with her boyfriend for two years, the elders made a panchayat and added Amuda to her husband’s bed. Amuda, who was with her husband for some time, eloped again with her boyfriend and died in a suspicious manner.
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Boyfriend’s friend could not bear the harassment
Jyotheeswaran, who was cohabiting with Amuda, was previously married and had two children. Later he changed his mind and decided to go to his wife and children. Amuda got into an argument with Jyotiswaran on the same issue. She said that she trusted you and left her husband and children, now where should she go if she is left on the road. Jyotheeswaran left Amuda at home in Tiruvallur and went to his wife and children.

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Amuda, who has been living alone for a week, was found to have been sexually assaulted by Jyotheeswaran’s friend Sivaprakash. The police confirmed that she committed suicide because of pressure to cohabitate with him. The police have arrested Jyotheeswaran and Sivaprakash who caused the suicide. He was produced in the court on Friday morning and remanded.

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