✅Foxtale CEO Romita Mazumdar Inspirational Success Journey As Entrepreneur In Telugu

Romita was born and brought up in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Father is a lawyer. Parents never discriminated against him. Raised equal to his brother. Even during his days studying business economics at the University of California, he did not face discrimination.

Romita started her career as an investment banker at Harbor Ridge Capital. After that she also proved herself as a venture capitalist (VC). One day…he got an idea to enter business. Coming from a family of lawyers, Romita has no business experience.

If he had thought ‘why risk’, he would not have fulfilled his dream. When he started raising funds with the idea of ​​a cosmetics-based startup, he faced many experiences and questions that troubled him.

‘Are you the only one?’ Is there no male co-founder?
‘Are you married? But how can one devote full time to the company?’
‘You don’t seem to be serious about business. Something fun seems to have come’… If Romita Mazumdar would have taken this into her mind, she would have gone back and not taken a step forward.

After facing many doubts and insults, she finally made her dream come true with the cosmetic based startup ‘Foxtale’. This Mumbai-based company entered the market with four types of products and became a success within a short period of time. Romita Mazumdar has earned a good reputation as an entrepreneur.

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