✅Ganesh Chaturthi 2022: Ganesha Idols Inspired By Allu Arjun In Pushpa NTR, Charan In RRR

Vinayaka Chavithi festival is seen all over the country. Mandapams have been set up in every street to celebrate Navratri celebrations. All the cities became bustling with the celebrations of Vinayaka. Everywhere Ganesha idols in various forms are measured in mandapams. But in some places, different forms of Ganesh are attracting the devotees.

Movies also have a lot of influence on Ganesha idols. For the past few years, movie heroes have been making Ganesha in the form of the characters they played. This year also some have been enshrined in the form of heroes. Recently, a statue of Allu Arjun in Pushpa has been designed.

Elsewhere in RRR, Ganesha is in a getup like Ram Charan is running in the climax of the movie, loading an arrow.

And the fans of Bunny, NTR, Charan and Yash are sharing this on social media and are getting happy. Common people are also interested in seeing those idols. These variety Ganesha idols are now going viral.

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