✅Ghaziabad Man Shot Buried 7 Feet Deep By Wife Her Lover Body Found 4 Years Later

Lucknow: The Ghaziabad police in Uttar Pradesh recently cracked a murder case that took place four years ago. In this case, the wife of the deceased, a person named Arun, who lives in the neighborhood, was arrested. The police found that the murder was due to an extra-marital affair between the two. Police revealed that the woman along with her boyfriend Arun shot her husband dead.

It was found that after the murder, the boyfriend dug a six-foot pit in the house and buried the body in it. After making cement flooring from the pit, Arun is staying in the same house. In this process, the police seized the decomposed body and skeleton from the accused’s house. A pistol and an ax used for the murder were also found. The police claimed that the pit was prepared before the husband was killed. He said that the dead body was dug deep so as not to smell.
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What actually happened
In 2018, a woman named Savita lodged a complaint at Sihani Gate PS in Ghaziabad that her husband Chandraveer Singh had gone missing. Based on the wife’s complaint, the police registered a case of kidnapping. In her complaint, the wife expressed suspicion that her younger brother was behind the husband’s disappearance. But this case was closed due to lack of proper evidence.

SP Diksha Sharma said that recently after four years, the Ghaziabad Crime Branch police started re-investigation in this case after getting some evidence. In this sequence, it was revealed that the deceased’s wife Savita and her boyfriend Arun alias Anil Kumar killed Chandraveer. Both were arrested and interrogated and confessed their crime. The accused told the police that they had been having an affair since 2017. Wife Savita said that when her husband came to know about this, there were frequent quarrels. It is stated that he has warned many times not to let this happen again.

With this, Savita and Arun plan to kill Chandraveer, thinking that he is an obstacle to their extra-marital relationship. On September 28, 2018, Chandraveer came home drunk late at night and went to his room to sleep. Immediately after Savita called Arun inside the house, Chandraveer went into the room and shot him in the head. Later, he picked up his body and took it to his house. With the help of Savita, they dug a six-foot pit at Arun’s house and buried Chandraveer’s body in it. The police said that Savita and Arun, accused in this case, will be produced in the court.

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