✅History And Mystery Of Lord Puri Jagannath Temple Ratna Bhandar

Are the endless jewels of Srivari, gold, silver and diamond ornaments safe in the gem treasury of the Puri Jagannath Temple? Why has the key key to the treasury not been touched even after fifty years? Why is the government maintaining a suspicious silence on this matter? Experts say that whispers are heard from the room where Srivari Nidhi is kept. Is it a thousand-fallen primordial? What is actually happening in Jagannath’s pool? Is man paying attention to God’s possessions? What is the secret?

That God is there to save all. And who is there to protect God’s wealth? Surely the man cannot be trusted. God should protect his wealth. All this because the case of the missing keys of the treasury room containing endless treasures of Lord Shiva in Odisha’s oldest temple of Puri Jagannath has become a big mystery. The government is unable to say how the locks were lost. The temple committee knows nothing. Fifty years after the locks are gone, no one is worried. There is no rush to find and catch them. The devotees are angry at the attitude of the rulers. Are there jewels of God? Did you get off? They are criticizing.

The four main shrines in the country are Badrinath, Dwarka, Rameswaram and Puri. All these four together are known as Char Dham temples. Apart from these, one of the most important temples in our country is Puri Jagannath Temple in Odisha. The construction of the temple started during the reign of Raja Ananta Varma Chodagangadev in the 12th century and worship began during the reign of his grandson Ananga Bhim Dev. The wooden idols of Lord Krishna, Subhadra and Balarama are standing in this temple. This is the most sacred place for the Vaishnavas who worship Krishna.

Thousands of devotees flock here from all over the country. Devotees believe that if they visit Jagannath at least once in their life, the sins of their births will be removed. Here, 56 kinds of offerings are made to the Lord God. All these prasads are also cooked in earthen pots. Jagannath Ratha Yatra held every year in the months of June and July is very special. Crores of people flock to participate in this yatra. Jagannath means the leader of this world. It should be understood as Vishnumurthy who looks at the mountains coldly.

A mystery has been haunting the Jagannath temple which is of such spiritual significance for half a century. It has become a never-ending mystery and is worrying the devotees. It is bothering everyone like an unanswered question. From the time when the temple of Jagannath was established, i.e. from the 12th century to the 18th century, the kings who ruled this region have been offering many gifts like precious jewels, gold, silver and diamond ornaments to the deity.

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All these treasures were hidden in the third room of the Ratna Bhandagaram in Srikshetra. Sometime in 1926, when the British rulers opened this gem store, they found more than 597 types of jewels in it. The experts of that time also prepared a report that the wealth here could not be discovered. Gems, golden crowns, Dhanurbanas, Vajra Vaidhurya, Garnets, Pushyaragas, Rubies, Gems, Corals were found in abundance. Hundreds of years ago, experts predicted that there is a tunnel under the third room called the secret room in the gem treasury, and if you go through it, you can go to more rooms and there may be endless amounts of money stored in them.

Everything is fine but over the years this secret room has become a big mystery. The third room in the jewel room has three doors. There are three locks for each door. One key of these is held by the Gajapati kings. Another key is with the temple authorities. The third lock is in charge of Bhandagara, the chief priest of the temple.

Only these three locks cannot open the doors of that room completely. The first room of the Ratnabhandara contains the jewels of God. When festivals and festivals come, this jewelry is taken out and decorated and worshiped to the god. As soon as the pujas are over, these are kept back in this room. The second room also has valuables. But the third room has not been opened for decades. No one understands why it is not open. After repeatedly expressing suspicions by devotees and public, it was found that one of these three locks is not visible.

In 2018, the collector of the temple area officially announced that a lock belonging to the third room of the gem store was missing and its whereabouts are unknown. Criticism poured in on the government and the temple administration. It is said that the third room was opened for the last time in 1964. After that the lock was not found and it was said that it was not opened. After the opposition broke out on this, a few years ago, the ruling party minister said in the assembly that the jewels and wealth of the deity have not gone anywhere, even the Puchika pulla has not been looted and everything is safe.

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Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik appointed an inquiry committee headed by Justice Raghuveer Das soon after announcing that the original locks were missing. He ordered to find out who was responsible for the loss of locks and who was responsible for the whole affair. The Raghuvir Das Committee submitted a 324-page report after months of investigation. But Naveen Patnaik government has not released that report till now. What was in that report has become a mystery. In 1985, officials of the Archaeological Survey of India tried to enter the third room with two locks.

But it is said that when the two doors were opened, a large number of snakes hissed from the room at the same time, so they closed the doors in fear and went back. The priests, servants and other staff working here since the time of the construction of the temple have continued to be members of some families. If the chief priests take a step forward and open the temple gem store, they warn that it will be bad for the country.
They threaten that if anyone opens the door against God’s orders, everything will be destroyed and great calamities will follow.

Those who measure with devotion to Lord Jagannath want to clarify whether their god’s wealth is safe or not. They protested that why the locks of the third room were lost and who knocked them. The Ananta Padmanabha Swamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram was also informed that there were huge sums of money in the basements and the basements were opened on the orders of the court. But while there are six basements, the authorities have opened only five basements. In fact, it was propagated that this sixth basement was the key to everything. Because the temple staff also say that the sixth basement is very big compared to the other five basements.

Their argument is that other basements, which are much smaller than the sixth basement, have assets worth one lakh and twenty thousand crores of rupees, but the sixth basement has many times more money. But the authorities have not opened the sixth basement till date. On the iron doors that close off the sixth basement is a figure of a serpent. It is being spread that those doors were bound with Nagabandha. The temple priests warn that if the doors are opened without paying attention to the Naga Bandha, the wrath of the god will break out in the form of Vilaya and destroy humanity. Rationalists say that there is something complicated here.

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They argue that what is the meaning of saying that if the doors of the five halls are opened in the same temple of the same God, nothing will happen and only if the sixth hall is opened, something will happen. But with the sensitive idea of ​​not hurting the sentiments of the devotees, they decided not to open the sixth basement.

It is said that the Jagannath temple in Puri also has uncountable amounts of money in the third important room. What are the millions of snakes guarding this wealth? Or is Lord Vishnu the guardian of wealth? That doesn’t make sense. To what extent is the truth in the propaganda that the officials said that the hissing of snakes is heard? Is this a continuation of the priests warning that if the room is opened immediately, there will be a flood and everyone will be washed away? That should be known.

Why is Naveen Patnaik’s government silent on this matter? Some devotees, however, express doubts that vultures may have snatched away the precious jewels and treasures in the third room. They say that the government is not talking about the locks of the third room but about the report of the Raghuvir Das committee because the elders in the government have the support. The leaders of public organizations say that if the third room is opened in the presence of the public, the truth will come out.

Some intellectuals say that this crucial third room of Puri Jagannath Temple, like the sixth basement of Ananta Padmanabha Swamy Temple, may never be solved. The rulers are not saying anything. Even the temple staff are not talking like jagged stones. Devotees are suffering because God has been wronged. They fear that it will not be good for the country at any moment. It is Jagannath who has to bring out the truth and punish the guilty. He is the founder of Kada Jagannatak. It is God who has to catch and put in a cage whoever has stolen his possessions.

Spiritualists warn that a heavy price must be paid if God’s wealth is looted by suppressing the sentiments of the devotees. They accuse the rulers of failing miserably to protect the priceless wealth of God. They still insist on bringing the truth to light.

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