✅India Richest Mumbai Wealthy Ganesh Mandal Takes Rs 316.4 Crores Insurance

Mumbai: The GSB Seva Mandal in Mumbai, the financial capital of the country, is known as the richest Ganesh Mandal. Mandapam has been established in the city for the past 68 years. GSB Seva Mandal Chairman Vijay Kamath said that this time they have insured their mandap for Rs.316.4 crores. He said that every devotee who visits the Mandapam during the Vinayaka Navratri celebrations starting from Wednesday will be covered by insurance.

He said that out of the total insurance, Rs.31.97 crore is applicable for gold, silver and other valuable items and equipment. It was explained that the insurance of Rs.263 crore will be applicable to the hall, volunteers, priests, cooks, footwear stall workers, parking staff and security guards.

In order to get compensation in case of fire or earthquake, furniture, computers, CCTV cameras and scanners have been insured for Rs. Vijay Kamat explained that their intention is to provide security to every devotee who comes to get the blessings of Vighna Ganesha.

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