✅Indian Govt Announce Sept 11 As Mourning Respect UKs Queen Elizabeth II

New Delhi: Queen Elizabeth II, who set the record for longest-reigning reigning monarch of Britain, is understood to have breathed her last at Balmaral Castle in Scotland on Thursday due to health complications. With this, the royal family and the entire people of the United Kingdom were plunged into grief. Not only do the people of that country remember her long reign but all their thoughts revolve around her.

To this extent, the Government of India also decided on Friday that the entire country will observe a day of mourning in honor of Queen Elizabeth 2, who continued as the queen for a long time. As a part of that, September 11 has been announced as a day of mourning. It has been made clear that the whole of India will not only observe the day in mourning but also fly the national flag at the mast on all the buildings. It said that there will be no official entertainment programs on those days.

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