✅Indore Police Solved Mysterious Transgender Death Case Accused Arrested

Mutilated Body Found In Indore: The police in Indore found the dead body of a transgender mutilated in a bush. With this, the police registered a case of suspicious death and started investigating. To this extent, the police investigated the case and arrested the accused. According to the story told by the police, only one part of the body of the transgender was found by the police.

As a result, the police examined the PC footage in the surrounding area…. and identified the dead transgender alias Zoya Kinnar, who went missing on August 28. However, the suspect in this case was identified as Nur Mohammad from Khazrana and summoned for questioning. The police were shocked to hear what he said during the investigation. The accused told during the investigation that his wife had gone to give birth and he was chatting with transgender Zoya on social media at that time.

He then said that he invited Zoya to his house. He said that he came to know that Zoya is a transgender only when he came home and because of this there was an argument between us. He said that he strangled her in anger. He said that he then cut her body into two pieces and put one part in a bag and threw it in the bushes near the bypass.

He said that he could not throw away the other part and kept it in his house. The police said that the rest of the body was recovered from the house of accused Nur Mohammad. Moreover, the police revealed that they have registered a case of murder against the accused and arrested him.

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