✅IRCTC Reacts On Foreign Tourists Toilet Charged GST Issue

Delhi: GST has become a hot topic in the country. Starting from the essentials, the Center has imposed GST on many things, and social media has been criticized a lot. Recently, even after going to the toilet, foreigners were shocked to see a huge bill including GST. The incident took place in the national capital.

Two foreign tourists had to pay a huge bill plus GST for using the washroom at the Agra Cantt railway station. But the matter came to light when the guide who came to receive them objected. Both the foreigners from the British Embassy alighted at Agra Cantt Railway Station by Gatiman Express. They were received by a guide named Srivastava.

However.. they wanted to freshen up as soon as they got down at the station. With this, Srivastava was taken to the executive lounge of the station. They came out of the washroom in just five minutes. Usually five, ten rupees. Srivastava thought that he would have to give 20. But, the receptionist there.. Rs. He was shocked when the 224 bill was put in his hand.

Each person’s bill for using the washroom for five minutes is Rs. 100s were laid. Moreover, GST on it is Rs. 12 added. So both of them get Rs. 224 became the bill. At first they did not agree to pay that much. But, due to the pressure of the staff, they had to pay in the end. IRCTC spokesperson Brajesh Kumar explained the incident. He said there is a separate charge for entry into the executive lounge, which is subject to GST. Moreover, while staying in the lounge, tourists and foreigners can use Wi-Fi for free and complimentary coffee is also provided.

But the guide Srivastava strongly objected to this. If you travel from Agra to Delhi in general coach, the ticket is Rs. 90 rupees only, but for using the washroom at the station Rs. 112 was being charged, he expressed anger. He said that the IRCTC is insulting the call of the guest Devo Bhava and by doing this there is a risk of foreigners getting a wrong impression about the systems here.

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