✅Jabalpur Bus Driver Attacked Heart Attack Bus Rammed Viral

Bhopal: A terrible thing happened in Madhya Pradesh. In the running bus, the driver passed away on the seat due to heart attack. Then the bus rammed into several vehicles and created havoc. It seems that one person died in this accident and several others were seriously injured.

A city bus created havoc in Jabalpur. The driver suddenly passed away in the driver’s seat due to a heart attack. As a result, the bus lost control and rammed into several vehicles. Being a signal area, the speed of the bus was low, the bus went ahead and stopped when it hit an e-rickshaw near the signal.

The e-rickshaw overturned along with the bus passengers. It seems that six people including two children were seriously injured. An old man was injured after being hit by a bus and passed away while receiving treatment. Driver Hardev Patel has been working for the city metro bus service for the past ten years. He collapsed on the steering wheel due to a sudden heart attack.


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