✅Jammu Kashmir: Parvati Role Youth Dies After Sudden Collapse

Viral: Man’s life has become like a water bubble these days. Due to CC cameras and cell phone recordings, the incidents of collapsing and dying are coming to light. Recently, a young man collapsed on stage during a play and passed away.

On the occasion of Ganesh festival.. Yogesh Gupta, an artist, got up Parvati Devi and participated in the play. Yogesh, who danced as a part of the drama, fell down. Thinking that it was a part of the play, the young man playing the role of Lord Shiva came close and tried to wake him up. But, there was no movement in Yogesh.

The organizers took him to the hospital and it was confirmed that Yogesh had already died of a heart attack. Incidents of such sudden deaths have been coming to light for the past few days across the country.

Legendary Malayalam singer Edava Bashir also collapsed and died while performing in Alappuzha on 28th May. Also, in June this year, famous singer Krishnakumar Kunnath alias KK felt uncomfortable during a performance and later died of a heart attack. Not only these.. We have seen the taluka videos of such deaths going viral in many places.

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