✅Jasmine Flowers Price Reaches 3000 in Madurai

Witness, Chennai: The price of jasmine flowers has skyrocketed in the Madurai market. On Tuesday, a kilo of jasmine flowers cost Rs. 3 thousand have been quoted. Also, the price of other flowers has also gone up a lot. Due to the decrease in yield in the wake of rains, the prices of flowers have gone down. Madurai jasmine has a special place in Tamil Nadu. This flower remains in bud for two days. Late this flower withers. Due to this, the demand for these flowers is high in Madurai flower market.

Till yesterday, this jasmine was Rs. 1500 said. After Vinayaka Chavithi, the price increased drastically. On Tuesday morning, a kilo of jasmine fetched Rs.3000. As the price of Madurai jasmine flowers has gone up a lot, the buyers are in for a shock. Also, Kanakambaram Rs. More than a thousand have spoken. The prices of flowers like rose, sampangi and chamanthi have also increased. Traders said that due to the rains, the import of flowers has reduced drastically and that is why this situation has arisen.

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