✅Justice For Ankita: Father Rejects Jharkhand Govt Compensation

Ranchi: The father who was saddened to see his daughter who was studying well.. was finally left with grief. That child went to Padek before completing 20 years. The death of Ankita, who was attacked by a maniac under the guise of love, has now become a topic of discussion across the country.

Seventeen-year-old Ankita Kumari Singh was killed by love interest Shah Rukh Hussain (19). Shah Rukh, who was in the neighborhood, befriended Ankita. But he is threatening her to love him and marry him. In this order.. Ankita’s father also spoke to Shah Rukh’s family about this matter. However.. Shahrukh’s harassment did not stop. On August 23, Shah Rukh poured petrol through the window of Ankita’s sleeping house in Dumka town and ran away.

Ankita finally passed away on Sunday after being treated for ninety percent burns. This incident not only Jharkhand.. has shaken the whole country. Meanwhile, the Jharkhand government announced compensation to Ankita’s family on Monday. Chief Minister Soren said that a compensation of Rs.10 lakh is being announced to the victim’s family. But Ankita’s father Sanjeev Singh reacted strongly to this financial assistance.

What should be done now for compensation? Even though I have been pleading with my financial situation since the day my daughter was attacked. If the government had provided the same help earlier.. it would have provided better treatment and saved my daughter. “What if she survived?” He rejected the help given by the government. He is not only a fanatic.. also a fanatic. Sanjeev revealed to the media that Ankita had told them that he had threatened to marry her, convert to Islam, or show her hell for the rest of her life. He said that he does not want compensation. He wants justice in this case so that his daughter’s soul can rest in peace. On the other hand, while Ankita was undergoing treatment, some videos taken, in which she wanted to kill the accused in the same manner as the attack on her, are also going viral.

On the other hand, while the accused was being arrested and taken away by the police. On the other hand, the local youth are strongly objecting to the appointment of Noor Mustafa as Inquiry Officer. Alleging that they do not have faith in Noor Mustafa, there is a possibility that she may continue the investigation as a supporter of her religious, and they are demanding that she immediately withdraw the investigation responsibilities given to her. The BJP is also criticizing the JMM government based on this incident. Ankita’s body was cremated by BJP leaders and Bajrang Dal members. On the other hand, the Justice for Ankita hashtag is now rocking Twitter.

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