✅Karnataka CM Bommai Explains Why Bengaluru Flooding Much

Bengaluru in floods Bengaluru, which claims to be the Silicon Valley of India, has been submerged in water due to continuous rains. Three days have passed and more than half of the city is trapped in flood water. Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai responded to the political criticism of the relief measures at this time.

People are facing problems due to rains and floods in Bengaluru. That is the reality. It cannot be hidden. But the continuous rains are also a reason for this situation. Moreover, he alleges that the rule of the previous Congress government is also the reason why the city is facing such a plight.

The reason why the city has reached this predicament is because of the previous government. They ruled without a head. Permission was granted for the construction of buildings. The maintenance of the ponds was never neglected. Moreover, due to corruption, illegal constructions were allowed in ponds and ponds. That is why the city is submerged today. However, we will overcome the obstacles and somehow restore the conditions in the city. He also stated that we will take steps to prevent similar situations from occurring in the past.

Karnataka.. especially Bengaluru has never seen this type of rain before. This is the record rainfall in the last 90 years. All the ponds are full. The canals are full.. the flood water has overflowed. Some of the bundles were broken. The number of canals in small areas and illegal constructions are also the reasons for this. He said that the rain almost every day has become troublesome.

Taking Bengaluru floods as a challenge, he revealed that the officials and State Disaster Response Force teams are working continuously. He said that once the situation improves, the illegal constructions will be removed. On the other hand, the Congress party is criticizing the government for the Bengaluru floods. To this extent, the leaders are protesting in the flood waters.

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