✅Kerala Man Seen In Viral Video Kicking Boy For Leaning On Car

A man scolded a child for leaning on a car and kicked him hard. Unfortunately, the boy innocently stepped aside from there. But some who were there did not tolerate the evil.

The latest incident happened in Kerala. Immediately after the attack on the child, some youths who were there and others gathered around the car. They stopped the person who kicked the child and got into an argument. But the man could not bear it and ran away from there.

The victim child seems to belong to a migrant laborer family from Rajasthan. However, a police case has been registered on this incident. Police have identified the accused as Shihshad from Ponniapalem. A young lawyer who was there at that time brought the matter to the attention of the police. However, there was no proper response from the police.

In the meantime, after the CCTV footage went viral on social media, many netizens were furious with the police for not taking action. The police had to take action. However, people were outraged by the news that he was released again overnight. Kerala Assembly Speaker AN Shamseer reacted to this incident.

He asked the police to register a case against the accused and put him behind bars and take strict action. Expressing shock over this incident, Education Minister Sivankutty commented that humanity is not found in shops. What about kicking a six-year-old boy leaning on a car? Legal action should be taken. They posted on Facebook that such incidents should not be repeated.

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