✅Kerala Youths Take Bath While Bike Riding Police Case Filed

A prank is something that makes four people laugh without causing trouble. Such..nowadays we mostly see people who do crazy things in the name of prank. Some are gaining popularity with offensive content. In this order, the number of people who follow them is also increasing.

Recently in Kerala, two youths have committed pranks in the name of prank. While going on a bike.. they bathed naked in the Joruana. Soap was also used for bathing. Even near the signals, their antics continued. However, the police responded as this video went viral.

Police identified the youths as Ajmal and Badusha from Bharanikavu and took them into custody. A case was registered for violating the traffic laws and a fine of five thousand rupees was imposed. The two youths revealed that they were attending a sports event on the evening of November 1 and made a prank video for fun as it was raining.

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