✅Lover Who Set Girl On Fire In Jharkhand

He chased her saying I love you.. I love you. Even though she said I don’t like you, he kept harassing her. Even after asking for the last time.. he threatened to love her or not.. he did not agree. While she was sleeping at home, he poured petrol in the room from the window and set it on fire. In this process, 90 percent of her body was burnt and the victim fought for her life and finally died. This shocking incident took place in Jharkhand.

According to the details, the victim (19) from Dhumka area is studying in 12th standard. Meanwhile, a young man named Shahrukh Khan molested her as if he loved her. He tried to kill her out of anger that she refused his love. While the victim was sleeping at home, he poured petrol in her room and set it on fire. Due to this, she survived the fire with 90 percent burns. Due to this, he is being treated in the hospital. Meanwhile, the victim was shifted to RIMS Hospital in Ranchi for better medical services. The victim died on Sunday while undergoing treatment.

In this incident, the police arrested the accused Shah Rukh Khan. While Shah Rukh Khan was being taken to the police station, he went with the police with a smile as if he had done nothing wrong. His face showed happiness. Netizens are reacting seriously as this video has gone viral on social media. They are demanding that the accused be severely punished as he has no remorse. Justice for Ankita is sharing the hashtag #JusticeForAnkita and demanding justice.

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