✅Mob Attacks Delhi Cops After 3 Nigerians Detained Overstaying

New Delhi: The Anti-Drug Force has detained three Nigerians who were staying in the national capital despite the expiry of their visas. Due to this, there is a tense situation in the Neb Sarai area of ​​South Delhi. Knowing that they were being arrested, about 100 Africans surrounded the police. The police were shown the dots to free the Nigerians from them.

The Narcotics Cell team went to Raju Park in Nebsarai at 2.30 pm on Saturday to deport those who are staying illegally in the country. They detained three Nigerians whose visas had expired. Just then the police were surrounded by 100 Africans. They were prevented from going. It was in this chaotic situation that two of the three escaped from the custody of the police. A 22-year-old man named Philip was found.

A team of Nebsarai Police Station and Narcotics Squad reached Rajpark at 6.30 pm after receiving information about mob attack on the police. A total of four Nigerians were detained along with a woman. Again around 150-200 people from African countries surrounded the police. They helped those who were in police custody to escape. The police dispersed them and took the accused to Nebsarai Police Station. From there they will be sent to their home countries.

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