✅Monkey Stealing Alcohol From Shop In Uttar Pradesh Has Gone Viral

Lucknow: If someone behaves madly, they say ‘Kallu drunken kothi lekku kurunv’. But, there are very few people who have actually seen the monkey drinking stone. Would you believe that there are monkeys addicted to liquor? But, a monkey sneaks into the wine shop and steals. Jalsa is performed while drunk. A video of a monkey lifting a bottle of beer and drinking it has gone viral on social media.

In Uttar Pradesh’s Rae Bareli district, the salesmen of local wine shops are complaining to the forest officials that a monkey, which is addicted to liquor, is sneaking into the shops and stealing liquor bottles. Locals say that if a monkey is seen drinking alcohol, it snatches the bottles from them and runs away. If you try to stop it, you don’t even want to fall on it and bite it. Due to this, liquor lovers are afraid to come to wine shops and buy medicine. All in all, this drunken monkey is showing the dots to the people there.

A video of a monkey drinking beer in Achalganj area under Gadaganj police station in Rae Bareli district has gone viral. Excise officials said that they are trying to catch the monkeys along with the forest department officials as the complaints are increasing.

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