✅Pet Dog Attacks On Zomato Food Delivery Boy At Mumbai, Video Goes Viral

He was a delivery boy.. he went to deliver food in Zomato and met with an unexpected accident. Despite his caution, a dog bit him on his private parts. With this, the delivery boy burst into tears of intense pain. Meanwhile, the video of this incident is doing the rounds on social media. Meanwhile, netizens are firing on the owner of the dog.

According to the details, Narendra Periyar, a Zomato delivery boy in Mumbai, went to the apartment to deliver the food order that came to Indiabulls complex in Panvel area. In this order, after going to the building in the lift, a man came with his pet dog. While opening the lift, the dog bit the delivery boy. After escaping immediately, the dog bit the delivery boy on his private parts when he came out of the lift. However, despite the pain, the delivery boy cleverly puts his helmet on and goes inside to give the order.

However, when the dog attacks, the owner who is supposed to control it acts as if he is seeing something strange. The delivery boy Narendra. He immediately ran to the parking lot screaming for help. With this, some people in the apartment rushed him to the hospital. Meanwhile, the video related to this has gone viral on social media.

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