✅Puducherry: Woman Kills Student Over He Got More Marks Than Her Son

Witness, Chennai: The mother was jealous of a student who was getting more marks than her son. In the end, the student was ready to be beaten. The incident came to light in the Union Territory of Puducherry on Saturday. Details.. There is a private school in Karaikkal under Puducherry. Rajendran and Malathi’s son is studying in class 8. On Friday, this student suddenly slipped and fell. Eventually he went unconscious. As the staff rushed to the hospital in time, life was averted. However, the doctor’s examination revealed that the boy was poisoned.

With cold drink given by security..
The student brought him to the attention of his parents after recovering from a cold drink provided by the school security. The parents of the victim approached the police. When questioned by the security personnel, he testified that a woman gave him a cool drink and told him to give it to the student. He said that he did as she told him to get the money. With this, the police examined the scenes in the CCTV cameras in the vicinity.

A woman was seen handing over two bottles of cool drink to the security personnel. On the basis of those scenes, the police detained and interrogated a woman named Saharani Victoria. She explained to the police that Rajendran and Malathi’s son took the first position, surpassing her son who always came first in the class. She admitted that she got jealous and angry with this student, who was scoring higher marks than her son, and that’s why she tried to poison him. The police were also shocked to hear this.
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