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The developments in Lanka brought huge changes in our country. Prabhakaran was defeated by the Lankan army and the LTTE lost all its ranks and the entire northern region along with Jaffna came under the control of the Lankan army. The then President Rajapaksa declared that the civil war was over. With the rapid loss of Tamil influence in Lanka, sympathy for the prisoners has grown tremendously. In the meantime, the seven prisoners in the jail appealed to the then President Pratibha Patil to pardon them. But Pratibha Patil flatly rejected this. In this case, another petition has reached the Madras High Court. In view of the controversy and the situation at that time, the Madras High Court gave a stay order on the hanging. This is a big relief for LTTE prisoners.

Supreme Court recommended life sentence instead of death penalty. In the meantime, Rajiv Gandhi’s family was flooded with requests from Tamils. Directly, Rajiv’s daughter Priyanka and son Rahul Gandhi met the criminals in the jail. The situation has gone so far that it has led to a debate whether the whole society has forgiven the criminals. Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha took an unusual decision. It has been decided to give amnesty to all the prisoners who have been in jail for more than 23 years. It created a sensation in Delhi. It led to a nationwide debate. If Rajiv Gandhi, who served as one of the highest positions of the country, was assassinated, there was a discussion about how a state would leave its causes.

The same matter has been brought forward by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court, which initially stayed the decision of Tamil Nadu in February this year.. The Jaya government’s decision was wrong. It concluded that the Tamil Nadu government has no right to take a decision on the release of Rajiv’s killers. A three-judge division bench has made it clear that the final decision will be taken. The LTTE prisoners, who had hoped to get out of jail, were disappointed with the Supreme verdict. But their hope did not die. The reason for that is the Tamils ​​and their politics.

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On that day, Rajiv formed a special investigation team headed by Karthikeyan to nab the killers. Amidst the strange circumstances, the SIT continued its investigation unabated amid various hiccups. Despite criticism and problems, the SIT conducted the investigation and concluded that the LTTE was responsible for this atrocity. Based on the receipt found in photographer Haribabu’s house, the SIT brought the names of the killers to the fore.

1991.. a time of unstable weather throughout the country. A time when governments at the center collapsed one after the other. At such a time the elections to the Lok Sabha came. The burden of Congress propaganda fell on Rajiv Gandhi. He is already traveling all over the country and has focused on campaigning in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and has prepared a plan accordingly. 1991, from May 20 to 22 Rajiv should reach Delhi by the evening of 22 after finishing the campaign in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. This is the plan. Everything went according to plan till the trip to Andhra Pradesh. But on 21st the whole situation changed.

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