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It is a historical route that is always bustling with crowds. It was muted for about 20 months. Now with a new name… it will welcome the visitors with a new atmosphere. As part of the Central Vista project, the appearance of Rajpath and Central Vista Lane has completely changed. This stretch will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In this background.. Let us recall the background of Rajpath which has become a path of duty.

Rajpath.. Historical route. When you hear this name, you are sure to remember the military parades and maneuvers on Republic Day. For the people of Delhi, this is a paradise. People there enjoy the sun rays in the winter season. The employees of Rail Bhavan, Shastri Bhavan, Nirman Bhavan and Vigyan Bhavan who are there have their Sedah here during their lunch break. Most of the youth, couples and families who come to see the capital pass their time here. Neredu trees and many more provide shade. Such..

The name of the road has changed. It is now officially a duty path. The New Delhi Municipal Council meeting held today (September 7, 2022) on Wednesday took a decision to change the name of Rajpath to Kartavya Path.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate this new look. However, the general public can view this new road only from one day later (Friday) due to security reasons. The traffic police are advising the residents of Delhi that traffic restrictions will be enforced on those routes in the meantime.

The center says that the name Kartavyapatha is a symbol of public power. The central government led by Prime Minister Modi has a strong intention to change the names and buildings of the time as part of the process of removing the colonial mindset.

In 1911, the British government shifted the capital from Kolkata to Delhi. The then British Emperor George 5 came to Delhi for the durbar held at that time. At that time, a writing path was brought into use up to Vaishroi Bhavan (today’s Rashtrapati Bhavan). After that it became Rajpath (Kartavyapath).

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King’s Way was opened in London in 1905 to commemorate George V’s father, Edward VII. Rajpath pattern is also almost similar to Kingsway. As a result, Percival Spear, who was working as a professor at St. Stephen’s College in Delhi at that time, proposed the name ‘Kingsway’ for the highway of Delhi. So it remained the Kingsway with us.

But after independence, the name of Delhi Kingsway was changed to Rajpath. The name was changed in 1961.

Rajpath was built by a contractor named Sardar Narayan Singh. This road was not the only one under the rule of the British.. He was also the contractor who built many roads in Delhi.

Rajpath was a three kilometer long route from Rashtrapati Bhavan on Raizina Hills to India Gate via Vijay Chowk.

For the past few years, Rajpath and the central vista avenues connected to it have been facing traffic and other problems.

The center has decided to change the layout due to lack of public toilets, drinking water supply, chairs-tables, parking space etc. In addition to these, the Republic Day Parade and other programs are being held.

As part of the removal of the buildings built during the British colonial rule, the Central Vista Redevelopment Project came to the fore. The new Parliament Building, Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Residence, Prime Minister’s Office and Vice President’s Enclave will come up in a triangular shape. In this order, the lines of Rajpath and Central Vista Lawn have changed.

As part of the 75-year Independence Day celebrations, Prime Minister Modi said in his speech on August 15 that there is a need to put an end to the names and symbols of the British colonial rule.

Kartavyapath.. is going to be wide. Lawns, walkways, canals, shops, lighting systems, toilets facilities, sign boards… have been set up so that you can find snacks everywhere with greenery.

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State-wise food stalls and granite walkways have been set up through this tova, which will take a new form. There will be vending zones, parking lots and round the clock security. Rain water and reuse water projects will also be implemented.

As part of the Central Vista redevelopment project, the media and government documents named this road as ‘Central Vista Avenue’. But, officially, now it is the path of duty.

Prime Minister Modi will inaugurate the 28-feet granite Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose statue sculpted by sculptor Arun Yogiraj and will inaugurate the Kartavyapath, Central Vista Lance stretch.

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