✅Tamil Nadu: No Help Money Man Takes Mom’s Body On Wheelchair To Crematorium

Witness, Chennai: The mother died due to illness.. There was no chili in hand to perform the last rites. But the determination to complete the last majili even in the grief of the birth of a mother who carried and raised him for nine months could take him to the cremation ground. The wheelchair that was brought for the mother for four years was lost to him. He took the mother’s dead body to the crematorium. The son expressed his grief that he had to change the wheelchair to a pade due to the lack of anyone to support him and increasing financial difficulties.

Muruganandam, a resident of Manapparai Bharatiyar Nagar, Tiruchi district, works as an electrician. Muruganandam loves his mother Rajeshwari (74). Less than four years ago, his mother was confined to a wheelchair due to illness and he did all his services. Recently, her relatives and neighbors stopped coming towards the house due to rash on her body. Muruganandam, who was providing services to her, was also turned away as the itchy sores were spread as an epidemic.

With financial difficulties..
Murugananda, who kept his mother at home and looked after him closely, faced financial difficulties. Since there was no one to care for Ranura, it became a burden to provide medical care to her mother. Unable to go to work, he stayed at home and took care of his mother. In these circumstances, Rajeshwari passed away on Thursday morning. Knowing that no one would come forward to help with the last rites as there were many sores on her excrement, he changed the dead body into a wheelchair, which he had used for his mother for so many days, as he did not have money to build a pyre due to financial difficulties.

He put the dead body in it and tied it with the help of her saree. He carried the body in a wheelchair for a distance of 2.5 km without being seen by anyone and brought it to Manapparai Municipal Electric Crematorium. Seeing a person coming in a wheelchair, the staff questioned him. Muruganandam begged them for his poor condition. The staff working there along with Sreedharan and some others understood Muruganandam’s condition and bought the necessary items for the funeral and completed the formalities in the traditional way. Also, by giving information to the superiors, arrangements were made to give mental counseling to Muruganandam.
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