✅This Is The Reason Supreme Court Order To Free 2012 Rape Murder Convicts

The entire country is on fire over the verdict given by the Supreme Court in a case ten years ago. They poured acid in their eyes, put bottles in their genitals and brutally killed them. The Supreme Court acquitted the death row prisoners in such cases. It is noteworthy that this is one of the judgments given by Justice Lalit on the last day as the Chief Justice.

A three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Lalit on Monday ruled that the three convicts who were sentenced to death in the 2012 Chawla gang rape and murder case had not been proved by the prosecution. It has been revealed that the lower court also acted without transparency while convicting them and acquitted them under the benefit of doubt.

While the trial of this case continued in the Supreme Court for seven years, the victim’s parents expressed their grief over the verdict. They said in an interview to a national media channel that the verdict shocked them. “This is a big setback for us. We have come here (Supreme Court) to see that justice will be done. Faith in the judiciary brought us here. But, it was not fulfilled.

If the law is like this… who will have faith in the judiciary? We came to get justice for our child. But, our hearts sank. Is this fair? Is this the verdict we got after fighting for eleven years? Did we lose the fight? Actually we don’t have to live. But we, who have taken the oath for many years, do not want to go back. They said that we will definitely fight.. we will move forward.

The counsel for the victims stated that they will go for a review petition only after receiving the copy of the court verdict. We were surprised by the court verdict. After seven years.. that was only after I strongly asked that the court proceedings moved ahead. Within a week, on the last day of the CJI, such a verdict was given. She said that we will not go back in this case. We will go for a review of the verdict.

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Before that, a three-member bench led by the CJI acquitted the three. A Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice Yu Lalit held that the prosecution had failed to prove the charges beyond reasonable doubt. Moreover, the bench said that errors were clearly observed during the court proceedings and ten of the 49 witnesses were not examined. Moreover, the opinion was expressed that the courts should stay within the law and should not bow down to moral pressures from outside.

According to Delhi Police, a 19-year-old girl working in Gurgaon was abducted by one of the three accused on February 9, 2012 and tortured for three days after she refused to have sexual relations with him. Then they committed mass murder with animalistic acts. After three days, the body was dumped in the suburbs of Haryana and left. The doctors conducted an autopsy on her body which was found in a decomposed state and revealed shocking things. Then the three accused were arrested. In 2014, the Delhi court and then the High Court also sentenced these human beasts to death as they have no right to roam in the community. In the end.. those three are going to come out as innocent with the judgment of the Supreme Court!.

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